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You can also use variations of the ip command:. Basic network configuration and hostname on a Ubuntu system are stored in several files which must be edited to create a working configuration:. Below is an example of a static IP configuration on a system with only one Ethernet interface eth0 and If you aren't certain which IP address, subnet mask, gateway or dns-nameservers you need, please consult with your network administrator for the correct information.

When you are happy with your configuration restart the interface with the command below. With all your files edited and saved, you should reboot so the new name and configuration will be used. Reboot the system and then use ifconfig or ipaddr to confirm that your new configuration is available.

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Dynamic IP addresses do change. We explain why you don't need a static IP address.

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Read More. Your computer uses it to contact other devices and vice versa.

Linux Basics - Set a Static IP on Ubuntu

Here are some of the easiest ways to manage your Linux IP address. The old method for doing this was using the ifconfig command. However, that has since been replaced with the ip command. To show your IP address type:.

How to configure ip address in ubuntu linux

This basically shows your IP address along with your subnet mask. The output also displays information for any network devices or interfaces installed on your system as devices such as laptops may have both wired and wireless ethernet. The most common interface name is eth0, but in Ubuntu Systems with systemd like Ubuntu On older systems click on Connection Information under the networking icon from the top bar. In newer versions of Ubuntu , there are a few more clicks involved. Click on the gear icon and view your IP address from the window that pops up.

How To Check IP Address on Ubuntu (Desktop) - TecAdmin

Display the contents of the file using the cat command and if the contents look like the picture below your system is using an older version of the networking service. To make changes open the interfaces file using nano and set the values in the file as necessary. First change dhcp to static, then add lines for address, netmask, gateway, and DNS servers according to your network.

Finally, restart the networking service using the following command for your changes to take effect. Click on the IPv4 tab, select Manual from the Method drop-down list, and finally select the Add button. Finally, click Save to accept the changes for your new network configuration.

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An IP address is like a phone number for your computer. IP addresses can be static — the one you type in yourself, or dynamic — addresses received from a computer automatically. Whether your desktop received its IP automatically or was entered manually, it will be unique. Knowing your IP address can help you troubleshoot problems and your connections.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to tell what to look for. To find out, click the system menu at the top right corner of your screen and select System Settings as shown in the image below:.

Then select Network from the list of items on the left to show the network pane. On the network panel, you should see the desktop is connecting via a Wired connection and it is ON. To view the IP address assigned to the desktop, click the gear button to the right of the connection and will show you IP address information.