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ALL GM Car Models, Including Buick Turbo Regal - GM LICENSED DOOR JAMB VIN DATA DECALS Every G-body car came with 2.

Motorhome manufacturers buy their chassis from outside companies such as Freightliner, Spartan or Mercedez-Benz. Each of the chassis comes with its own vehicle identification number VIN.

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It is a good idea though to make a note of the chassis VIN if you find it. You may need it in the future. And this VIN is the one you need in most cases, unless you have a chassis problem. As an aside and to make things more interesting , I understand the Fleetwood motorhomes have what Fleetwood calls a FIN Fleetwood identification number.

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Older or vintage travel trailers and campers may have layers of paint, rust or corrosion covering the VIN. Use emery cloth or steel wool to scrub away the layers of rust, paint or corrosion. Contact an experienced RV repair person.

They have to find them to order parts or do warranty work. Obviously, the motor vehicle department and police department are last-ditch efforts, but maybe that is what you need.

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Repairmen will often note the VIN on their bill. By the way , the letters i and o will not be in the VIN. This results in a different value of the chassis when the offical VIN is assigned. Decoding this VIN will return values for only the chassis, causing value discrepancy between the motorhome and the VIN decoded chassis value, as you can see below.

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These manufacturers are not required to report their VIN logic to the government. Only a few of the many dangers in decoding Recreational Vehicles have been highlighted above.

There are even more possible issues beyond returning the wrong model, value or even year might appear. In Vehicle Market Intelligence.

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