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How to ping using specific gateway interface or source IP address

Basically the router only needs to know whether a packet is local or remote. If it's local it delivers the package directly, if it's anything else it is delivered to another router the router itself is connected to and so on.

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Ping using specific gateway interface or source IP address - nixCraft

A new study uses…. Featured on Meta. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. Related 1. An example IPv4 address would look like this:. IPv4 addresses are composed of two parts.

how to determine an unknown IP address

The first numbers in the address specify the network, while the latter numbers specify the specific host. A subnet mask specifies which part of an address is the network part, and which part addresses the specific host. A packet with a destination address that is not on the same network as the source address will be forwarded, or routed, to the appropriate network.

Once on the correct network, the host part of the address determines which interface the packet gets delivered to. A single IP address identifies both a network, and a unique interface on that network. A subnet mask can also be written in dotted decimal notation and determines where the network part of an IP address ends, and the host portion of the address begins. When expressed in binary, any bit set to one means the corresponding bit in the IP address is part of the network address. All the bits set to zero mark the corresponding bits in the IP address as part of the host address.

The bits marking the subnet mask must be consecutive ones. Most subnet masks start with A Class C subnet mask would be Before variable length subnet masks allowed networks of any size to be configured, the IPv4 address space was broken into five classes. In a Class A network, the first eight bits, or the first dotted decimal, is the network part of the address, with the remaining part of the address being the host part of the address.

There are possible Class A networks.

In a Class B network, the first 16 bits are the network part of the address. All Class B networks have their first bit set to 1 and the second bit set to 0. In dotted decimal notation, that makes There are 16, possible Class B networks. In a Class C network, the first two bits are set to 1, and the third bit is set to 0. That makes the first 24 bits of the address the network address and the remainder as the host address.

Class C network addresses range from There are over 2 million possible Class C networks. Unlike the previous classes, the Class D is not used for "normal" networking operations. Class D addresses are bit network addresses, meaning that all the values within the range of Class E networks are defined by having the first four network address bits as 1. That encompasses addresses from While this class is reserved, its usage was never defined. As a result, most network implementations discard these addresses as illegal or undefined.

The exception is Within the address space, certain networks are reserved for private networks. Packets from these networks are not routed across the public internet.

Find the IP Address of a Website Using Command Prompt

This provides a way for private networks to use internal IP addresses without interfering with other networks. The private networks are. Originally a test network, no one contemplated how many addresses might be needed in the future. At the time, the 2 32 addresses 4. However, over time, it became apparent that as currently implemented, the IPv4 address space would not be big enough for a worldwide internet with numerous connected devices per person.

The last top-level address blocks were allocated in The address size was increased from 32 bits in IPv4 to bits in IPv6. The IPv6 has a theoretical limit of 3. IPv6 addresses are represented by eight sets of four hexadecimal digits, and each set of numbers is separated by a colon.

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An example IPv6 address would look like this:. With IPv6 addresses being so long, there are conventions to allow for their abbreviation. First, leading zeros from any one group of numbers may be eliminated. For example, can be written as Second, any consecutive sections of zeros can be represented by a double colon. This may be done only once in any address. The number of sections removed using this abbreviation can be determined as the number required to bring the address back up to eight sections.

Like in IPv4 certain address blocks are reserved for private networks.

Top Unix/Linux IP lookup tools

These addresses are not routed over the public internet. In both IPv4 and IPv6, remembering the IP address of every device is not possible, except on the smallest of networks. Name resolution provides a way to lookup an IP address from an easier to use name. With DNS, a name in the format host. When the connection is initiated, the source host will request the IP address of the destination host from a DNS server. This IP address will then be used for all communications sent to that name. Do you need a professional IP scanning software? Free Download.