Unfortunately sometimes that healing can be thwarted by seemingly insurmountable barriers such as depression, anxiety, history of trauma, or substance abuse. Let's work together to create more effective coping skills so you may actually live, rather than just survive, your life. I find that the best results in treatment stem from focusing on people's strengths rather than their weaknesses.

Have you given so much of yourself to everyone else that you don't know how you got here I provide depth-oriented counseling for survivors of traumatic relationships, disrupted attachments, and developmental wounds. I also specialize in perinatal trauma and work with parents who have experienced trauma during pregnancy or the birth of a child. My approach is based in attachment theory and influenced by current research on attachment, emotion regulation, and the mind-body connection. There are times in your life where it seems like things are going downhill and you feel stuck.

Nothing you try seems to be working, or you are not making the progress you wish you were. I work hard to establish a safe, trusting, and empathetic relationship so true progress can be made. You can't stop checking your phone. You drunk dialed him at 3am and regret it horribly-or maybe you don't. Your friends are so tired of hearing you talk about your ex. But you can't help it!

TF-CBT Certified Therapists - Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

You aren't sleeping or you're sleeping too much. School or work is suffering. People keep saying "You should be over this by now," yet you find yourself with the covers over your head, dreading to face the day. You'll hear me call this "Survival Mode. Are you tired of doing it all by yourself? Do you feel like you have lost your faith? Have you been going through a dark night of the soul? I Get It!

The changes of life can make you feel overwhelmed, exhilarated, isolated, liberated, confused and everything in between. From divorce to being a mama to grief to caregiver fatigue and everything in between, I can help you find empowerment in the storm. Do you need someone to listen to your story about the difficulties you are having in life that leave you feeling stuck and unable to move forward?

Do you feel shut down, worried, anxious, tired, sad, or angry? Are you struggling with school, work, or financial issues? Are you struggling to make it through the day because you are having problems adjusting to changes in your life? Do you feel unappreciated or misunderstood by friends, family or your partner?

Are you feeling unsteady or afraid because you've been abused. My approach in therapy is experiential in nature. As we access emotional and somatic states where our beliefs are formed and stored; we can then release traumas and re-pattern beliefs and habits. Traumas and emotional experience are held in the body and often inaccessible through talking. So it is only by way of the body that we can achieve true and lasting healing. Through the integration of imagery, hypnosis and somatic focusing deep states of consciousness are accessed and healing is facilitated. I am practically oriented and comfortable offering support for a wide-range of behavioral and mental health issues.

Patient safety and comfort is hugely important to me. Helping patients make connections that promote a sense of integrity and peace is a goal. I help clients resolve with unresolved issues that are hard to release and manifest as anxiety, behavior issues, relationship problems and more.

As a counselor, I provide a safe, open space for you to find increased hope and clarity with whatever you may be facing. Scott Raymond, MD J. Williamson James N. Wahlen, D. Jenny C. LPC Jill S. Crofts, MD Kimberly E. Lynn J. Cole Johnson Inc M.

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