Cut to the jubilant store owner, detailing how record sales have exploded over the last few years and that this is their Christmas, the sound of the registers working overtime.

The whole thing is interspersed with stock footage of money changing hands, and suddenly everyone's an American Digger. I bet your old Jethro Tull records are worth a fortune! And as a record store owner, I'm faced with the afflicted burden of having to shatter those poor souls' dreams. Some people know this and are just hoping to free up some space, make lunch money, and help a local business out.


Some are probably going through a messy divorce, and they just want to get rid of their ex's relics. True, sometimes though very rarely , these boxes hold coveted spoils. I'll never forget the time a woman hurriedly told me to give her "whatever you want" for a box full of first-pressings: Nick Drake, Bowie, Television. This recent visit certainly wasn't one of those times. And these are originals from the 80s. And no, they weren't autographed.

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To her, I was just a greedy record store owner, waiting to capitalize on her ignorance. But believe me, there is no considerable payout involved in owning a record store in So what should you do if you're looking to unload your deadbeat uncle's long-forgotten records and want to make sure you aren't being taken for a ride?

Pack your boxes, load them up in your mom's SUV, and take them to the local record shop. But first follow these steps so you don't look like an asshole. It's okay to call the store to ask if they buy vinyl, but please don't ask how much they pay over the phone. That's like asking a doctor to give you a colonoscopy over the phone.

We need a closer look, you know? You'll get a better idea yourself if you start by looking at the condition. A tattered sleeve and scuffed up record doesn't make it "vintage", it makes it garbage.

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If it looks beat up, we don't want it. Get to Pinteresting ideas so that vinyl can find a second life as jewelry, interior products, or guitar picks.

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Leave the opera, classical, show-tunes, and composers at home. Your grandmother's Lawrence Welk records are never going to sell anywhere , especially not at a record store. If you ever go to thrift stores or used book stores that happen to have a record section, take a look, and you'll see rows of these these estate sale leftovers.

Groovy! Vinyl records will soon outsell CDs for first time since 1986

Every store's focus varies, but for the most part I tell people to bring us 60s and on. Psychedelic, jazz think Hank Mobley, not Kenny G , pop, rock all sub-genres , new wave, blues, and some country. Colorado St. Email us at monorecordsla gmail. What are we buying? How much do we pay? You really pay that much? Get in touch with us today. A quick snapshot of fresh stock and other happenings. Load More Follow on Instagram. Drop Us a Line.

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