Also, refreshing your windshield wipers is a good idea.

Some vehicles may come equipped with special winter wipers for snow and sleet. Other times, the wipers may wear out from too much work pushing snow around. You may want new ones for the coming summer rains. Summer brings fun, but it also brings intense heat.

Vehicle maintenance checklist

A car can be quick to overheat if it does not have well maintained cooling systems. If your car has not had a good overall check of its various engine systems in a while, now is a good time to do so. Otherwise, you may be regretting it from the side of the road.

What To Check On Your Car Weekly & Monthly

Speaking of heat, the weather will take a toll on you and your passengers as well. The worst feeling is having to travel a long way in a car with no air conditioning.


Double-check the state of your air conditioning. Your family vacation will thank you. You need oil changes at certain intervals in your car's life. Your mechanic should give you a reminder notice to help you remember. If you are planning a big summer trip, it may be a good idea to get the oil changed sooner.

Inspection, maintenance and repair

You may not be able to guarantee a well-priced mechanic out on your vacation spots, so better safe than running on low oil. Employee Resource Groups are great because it gives everyone a voice regardless of origin and background. This allows us to see the company through a different lens or perspective than we normally would. Lance, NexGen. Military veterans possess invaluable leadership skills and business acumen. WEXVets provides mentorship, development, and camaraderie for veteran employees, empowering them to capitalize on their unique experiences.

Sophia, WEXVets.

I want to make a difference and make people feel like they belong here and WEXPats empowers me to do that by giving me a community of people who have the shared experience of immigrating to a new country for work and the passion to make the transition easier for others. Elena, WEXPats.

Toyota Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Alternately, the culprit could be a clogged up condenser. Are you looking for a used vehicle dealership located near you in New Jersey? To learn more, give us a call at for sales or for service today. What is the Resale Value of My Honda?

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What is the Resale Value of My Toyota? What is the Resale Value of My Jeep? Our process is so simple, most customers drive their new car out the same day.

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