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Tape recorder help

First player to catch 50lbs Wins! Milestones 5 out of 5 stars Alligator Clip ID Card Reel K twpmango 5 out of 5 stars 36, Akai Black Best Sound Imaginable!!! Vintage Mint Sony Recorder vintagepointstore 5 out of 5 stars Pioneer PR Revox Only 1 available and it's in 2 people's carts. River Gem Classic Vintage. Fully revitalized.

As stated earlier we have completely gone through it cleaning, re-lubing, adjusting, demagnetizing and testing everything. All fast wind and stop functions work perfectly at any point in the tape. Only two minor cosmetic issues; AC cord storage compartment door missing and head cover securing screws missing. Head cover still stays on well with friction. Face and knobs all in great cosmetic condition as is the original case, hinges and latches.

Both speakers detach from the top and form the top of the case when latched. Speaker cables store in lids.

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Since this unit has a built-in amplifier, pre-amp controls, multiple inputs and built-in speakers, it can be used as a true "stand-alone" unit. The internal amplifier and built-in speakers actually sound great as well! Very surprising. Also includes a pair of rubber hub stoppers! However, all of our decks will come with 2x tapes for testing 'Playback' and 'Recording' as well as a 7" 'take-up' reel, and RCA patch cables for connection to your system.

Above text, in it's entirety, property of www. See ' Copyright Information ' page for details. Hey, it was actually working, 'sort-of'. We replaced with one from another TEAC we had. Check this link out Or, if your pockets are 'even deeper', there is a NEW deck being built from the ground up Signed off. That means the tape will have '2-sides' and generally be 'stereo'. Some tapes can 'cross pollinate' to a 'usable' degree from one deck to another.

You will simply need to 'mute' one channel as you will get one side going forward and one going in 'reverse' think 'backward masking' sound. Technically you'll get the 'forward' playback sound form the 'left channel' and Side-B the other side going 'backward'. Simply 'mute' with your 'monitor switch' or your 'Balance' control on your pre-amp or ultimately if necessary, pull out the patch cable on that side to only hear or transfer the 'forward playback' signal. Yes, you will be missing some of the 'audio signal strength' as the head is not 'covering' the full width of the original recorded track , but given the material that was typically recorded on early 'mono' recordings, it's typically a fair trade-off to the resources that will likely be necessary to acquiring a 'functioning' deck capable of the exact track format.

You can generally do this at any point in the tapes travel. Auto-Reverse usually means that a deck will automatically switch play directions at the end. This is usually triggered by special foil tape installed on the tapes for sensors on the machine to pick-up. Some machines also require longer foil tape than others. Also decks vary in the side the foil tape has to be installed on to function.

If you tape does not have the foil installed or it's foil is too short, or it happens to be installed on the wrong side, Auto-Reverse may not function. Auto-Reverse may only be designed to work in one direction as well. Some decks, such as a few 'Sony's' were designed with their "E. Auto Reverse", which would change directions after a 'long enough section of 'silence' ' passed by Issue rectified.

Reel to Reel Tape Recorder collection overview Part 1 of 3 Reel2ReelTexas

The deck, by design, has slightly elevated mechanical noise from it's transport. Does not transfer thru the audio. At normal listening levels you wouldn't likely notice it, but at lowest volume levels with 'quieter' music, it's audible. Occasionally about out of 10 times the pinch roller doesn't 'trap' the tape between the capstan and pinch roller it actually hasn't done this any of the last dozen times I auditioned the deck, but it had happened a couple times and is nothing for us to address.

Overall, a great deck for all-around Playback and recording of reels up to 7" in diameter, and with it's own 'built-in' amplifier and speakers, makes the deck even more versatile and fun! The amp and speakers actually sound great, and are completely usable. AND, since it has multiple inputs, it is essentially also the heart of a 'complete stereo system'. Cosmetic issues are minimal.

There's a 'reel mark' on the left face, some wear to the 'transport function' silk-screening, and evidence of a repaired grill dent see photos above. Comes with a take-up reel. Also comes with a pdf 'e' copy of similar Sony Owners manual courtesy " www. Includes a 30 day , limited warranty.

Measures It had 'run-out' wobble when utilizing We noticed there was a 'hair-line' crack on the reel table spindle that was not solid enough. Following above adjustments, Reel Start and Stop tested at beginning, middle and end of 7" and Face is made of brushed stainless steel, aluminum and 'real walnut wood veneer' case is in great condition.

Vintage Analog Open Reel Tape Decks and Audio Recording Equipment For Sale

Deck looks, works and sounds great! I have one of these in my personal collection although mine isn't in refurbished condition yet like this one. This one made it through with flying colors. This one made it through and all functions test great! Plays and records well! We don't get as many decks capable of Note from our Senior tech, "Designed to be serviceable Well built internally". Cosmetically, there's only a couple issues worth mentioning, ie; a couple dings along the front edges of the wood, veneer cabinet see photos above.

This was causing occasional intermittency in PB signal. Very Bright! Tech notes: must be done from rear. ONLY way to access meter for channel 4 is to remove motherboard, and detach bottom pre-amp chassis to allow hardware access. Adequate load resistors determined and installed to maintain correct PB output. Required several hours. This is a common issue on the A that most folks don't realize is wrong Following refurbishment, the deck looks and works great and sounds amazing!! Additionally the meter lamps were changed to LED's and multiple repairs completed, some whose symptoms only showed up during our exhaustive testing procedures may not have shown up on other decks until the user tried the 'magical combination' of functions sometime down the road.

Just food for thought on supposedly 'serviced' units.

Used Reel-To-Reel Pricing

This was TEACS most asked for 'Musicians' deck, but since it also does standard 'Stereo' playback, Mono and even Quadraphonic Quadriphonic playback, it's about as versatile as you can get. Also includes the RCA jumpers for the back panel shown in photos. Measur es 1 7. During this the 'capstan bearing' was re-aligned, and the test for this was that it should 'free-wheel' 31 sec when aligned, which it does now. Pinch roller was re-reconditioned following initial testing. Unit has a couple of minor issues. Great for all-around Playback and recordin g of reels up to 7" in diameter.