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Item 2 — Corporation Number Indicate the corporation number. Item 3 — Complete address of the registered office This is where you must keep your corporate records and where official documents will be served on the corporation.

Caution The registered office address, even if it is also a residential address, is corporate information that is public see Public disclosure of corporate information and will be published in the Corporations Canada online database. Note The registered office address cannot be a post office box. The address must be within the province or territory as indicated in the articles of the corporation.

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Item 4 — Declaration This form must be signed by an individual who has relevant knowledge of the corporation and who is authorized by the directors. This includes: a director of the corporation an authorized officer of the corporation an authorized agent. Please print the name and indicate the telephone number of the signatory. More Information For more information on a corporations ongoing reporting obligations, consult: Your Reporting Obligations under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act or call toll-free within Canada or from outside Canada It works with cell phones, landlines and email addresses.

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