Compared to the crime data for the county, murder The five-year crime trend for Palm Beach County also indicates falling robbery 4. Members of the public can use the Instant Search option on its Criminal History Information portal to conduct quick background checks. This option provides non-certified criminal history reports that can be viewed online and downloaded.

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This option provides certified and non-certified paper copies of criminal records that can also be notarized and delivered to requesters by mail. CJIS also accepts mail requests for criminal background checks. Pay with a credit or debit card when requesting criminal records online. Check and money order are acceptable forms of payment for mail orders. This Division has five offices spread across the county. You can request for a local background check, a criminal report, or an accident report by visiting or calling any of its offices.

Central Records Southern Blvd. You can also send a request for a criminal justice record by email to emailcentralrecords pbso. Written requests should be sent to:. West Palm Beach, FL The fee for two-sided copies is 20 cents per page. These county jails are:. Cash in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, and US dollars , credit cards, and debit cards are accepted at these kiosks. The addresses and contact information of these courthouses are:.

Search for civil, criminal, and traffic case records online using the eCaseView portal provided by the Clerk and Comptroller.

PBSO deputy shot and suspect killed in Palm Beach Gardens

To obtain copies of these records, come to the Photocopy area of the Main Courthouse. This is in Room 4. The Palm Beach County Clerk and Comptroller also accepts mail requests for copies of court and other public records. Send a completed Records Services Transmittal Form to:. It requires regular reporting and compliance with any conditions imposed by the judge at First Appearance. Failure to comply with the reporting requirements or the conditions may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.

There are two jails in Palm Beach County. You do not get to choose in which jail you are housed. For information about visitation or other policies at the jail, go to PBSO website. Both of those phrases means the State has a certain period of time to choose to file formal charges.

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However, that does not mean the case goes away. The State may choose to file charges within three months for misdemeanors or within six months for felonies. If your case is filed and you fail to appear, your release will be revoked and you may be held with no bond. The victim may also contact our office and sign an affidavit stating as such. Since each case is different, there may or may not be a plea offer.

How to Clear a Warrant without Going to Jail in Palm Beach County

To find out, please speak with your attorney. If you do not know your attorney, please call the Office of the Public Defender at Each case is very different. The sentence would depend on the crime charged and any mandatory penalties associated with it as well as the facts of the case and any prior criminal history. Since each case is unique, it is important to discuss with your attorney the possible minimum and maximum penalty associated with your charge. Possible sentences include probation, jail time sentence served at the county jail or prison time sentences served in the Department of Corrections.

The Village Clerk is the Records Custodian for the Village of North Palm Beach

A 2 hour call means that your case is in line for trial. Essentially, it is an instruction from the judge that you and your attorney should be ready to proceed with trial with just two hours notice. Typically, that means there is another trial or another matter happening and the judge will move onto your case as soon as the earlier matter is finished.

If you violate probation and have a warrant, you may turn yourself into the jail or contact your attorney immediately. You will be entitled to a hearing on the alleged violations. Obtaining a license is a different situation for different people. Some may have a suspended license because of unpaid court costs.

Some may have a suspended license because of a criminal conviction that has a suspension as part of the sentence.

And some may be suspended because of child support issues. If you are assigned a public defender, please ask them for advice on how to obtain your license.

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If you are charged with driving on a suspended license, your attorney will see if you qualify for DUS Court, which is a special court set up to help people re-obtain their licenses. You will be given an opportunity to set up a payment plan with the Clerk of Circuit Court. It is important that you keep up with payments or else your debt will be sent to collections.

This adds a great deal of additional costs to your debt. Your license may also get suspended.

Office of the Public Defender

If your costs go to collections for any reason, there are two ways to take them out of collections. First, your attorney can file a motion or have a judge sign an order taking the costs out of collections. This can only be done for a certain period of time to pay the costs. Therefore, it is important you take advantage of this opportunity, otherwise the costs will go back into collections. Second, you can write a letter to the judge or courtroom division where your case was handled. Speak with the Clerk of Courts about the specific case that is suspending your license, ask for the division it is in, and write a letter requesting that the costs be taken out of collections.

The Clerk will set a court date, so it is important you keep your address up to date with them so they can mail you notice. Attend that hearing and explain to the judge that you want the costs out of collections. Be sure to dress respectably. You may in certain situations but it is up to the judge.

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Ask your attorney if he or she may help you set up your cases to be paid with community service or you may ask the judge yourself. In the State of Florida, you are entitled to have the Office of the Public Defender represent you if you cannot afford to hire an attorney. This does not mean you are entitled to a specific attorney within the office. You will be assigned a qualified attorney based on your charges and the court division you are in.