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The Annual Print Yellow Pages Page Count And Other Anomalies

From humble beginnings to reaching over 4 million homes today, our job has always been to bring your business more business. We have partnered with Authorize. Net to accept credit cards and electronic check payments safely and securely. If you are confident and ambitious with a drive to be the best, then you should be talking with us! Telephone directory paper has one of the highest recycling contents of any paper grade!

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Smartphone users have access to the Names and Numbers mobile app. This free app includes all the features of our website, along with GPS location and voice search services. Mobile app users will appreciate having a dedicated community directory on their phone. Place your Five Star Phone Book on your desktop!


The online directory makes it easy for consumers to share and record search results via text, email, or social media. Many people appreciate and prefer the convenience of using the Yellow Pages as a print directory.

Names and Numbers is committed to supplying over four million households with our Five Star Phone Books. Our directories are accessible and easy to use Business Search People Search. One of them is associated with the link to my name.

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Decades old. They precede the web.

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They are in a couple of different regions. Over those periods many local marketing methods were used, including the print yellow pages, local newspapers with classified or display advertising, radio, tv, magazines, and various other methods. In some cases in the DC region we tried over local print publications. Over A lot.

We actually carried those media long after we knew they were producing. Then we eliminated them in full. That would be print, where you can make changes on a shorter term basis.

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With the print YP we cut back over time. We would end up advertising in different editions each covering a part of a region with upwards in excess of several million people. On top of that we purchased from more than one hard cover YP. Very expensive. We had a range of ROI on spend from around 10 to 1 to around 4 to 1. Then it plummeted. Finally we cut it out. One of my clients referrals for month from online Yellow Pages: 2, referrals from Google 6, When I showed that to my client he decided to cancel his Yellow Pages web ads.