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Book Review - 'A Certain Slant Of Light' by Laura Whitcomb

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Laura Whitcomb

A Certain Slant of Light from Hmh books tells the story of Helen, the ghost of a young woman who, for a years, has existed as an invisible presence clinging to an ever growing chain of living hosts. Now, while haunting a contemporary high school English teacher, Helen makes the shocking discovery that Billy, a troubled student, is able to see her for the first time since her death.

What follows is a mysterious love story about second chances and the things that bind us together in this life and beyond.

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Clear your history. He watched her heartbeat tap an almost invisible rhythm at her throat.

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He felt despair pulsing through her, but only the slightest trembling was visible in her shoulders. She was calling all her strength to the task; Calder could feel it as distinctly as he felt his own tremors; she was trying to still her nerves and calm her breathing so that the dying child would sense no fear. - Tämä WWW-sivu on myynnissä. - laurawhitcomb Lähteet ja tiedot.

Calder watched with a confounding sense of loss. And this was when he did something he had never done before in all his years as a Fetch. He hoped the child would live. Calder, like all Fetches, was supposed to be indifferent to the outcomes of Death Scenes, and usually that came naturally. Some souls chose to cross over; others chose to stay. And it was not always the sickest who chose death or the one with the slightest wound who chose life.

A Fetch was to respect this choice without question and without judgment.

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Calder had never wished to stop a Death, but when a Death Scene held a single mourner, one human left alone with no relative or friend as comfort, Calder felt an instinct to stay with him, though, of course, he could not. This family could afford the best physicians, but some hurts cannot be healed. A gentleman, with dark whiskers and fine clothes, came to stand in the nursery doorway. A woman peered over his shoulder. Calder paid little attention to them, for he was reluctant to turn away from the governess since he would have so little time with her.

by Ann Rittenberg, Laura Whitcomb and Camille Goldin

He knew a good Fetch would not stare this way at a human, but he could not help himself. Moments later the father and mother had gone, but a child appeared in their place—a girl of no more than four, peeking around the door frame.

Calder had no intention of looking at the girl, but she had a strong presence, like a bit of mirror-reflected light flashing in the corner of his vision. Her hair was as reddish-blond as that of the governess, but her face was not angelic—she was like a storybook elf, with pointed chin, a short, round nose, and curious eyes beneath brows arched in a kind of challenge. Calder suspected she was lonely since her governess needed to spend so much time with her baby brother.

The girl watched the governess for a moment, then turned to Calder and set her tiny fists on her hips. He regarded her, unruffled.

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Though Fetches were invisible to most adult humans, very young children could often see them—some animals could, as well. But since the children able.

Laura Whitcomb books

Books Best Sellers. Award Winners. New Releases. Coming Soon. Fall Fever. My Account. Buy Paperback Now. Available Resources Download Images. Laura Whitcomb grew up in Pasadena, California where she lived in a mildly haunted house for 12 years. She has taught English in California and Hawaii.


The winner of three Kay Snow Writing Awards, she was once runner up in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction contest for the best first sentence of the worst science fiction novel never written. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her dog Maximus. Want the latest Email Address.