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Thats really the only reason you would need to keep pm3. Also Aeon is native p, If your pc cant handle p you should resize all your backdrops to p to lighten the load on your pc. If you dont want to take the time to resize all of them yourself, there are torrents available that have all the work done for you. Just search for "p backpack". If youre using Aeon on your hacked xbox you should use only the p backdrops and enable "xbox mode" in the settings.

The xbox is to weak to properly display Aeon or anything in p. If you dont want to do the torrent thing here are some links. They are all in bmp format. Aeon likes bmp's better than jpg's etc. A new alpha build was just released an hr ago. Thanks for the RapidShare links, Drizzel.

I think you mean "p backdrop" in the post above, but you mention backdrops enough that people should get the idea. I do the same thing. My computers handle the p images just fine but I have a second set scaled down for my Xbox. If you want to easily convert all of the Jpeg images from the torrents to BMPs you can use IrfanView's batch conversion feature.

This is on a Windows machine, however, but I'm sure someone has a good Linux alternative. I think you mean "p backdrop" in the post above Nah.. Actually I was referring to the exact name of the torrent that contains all the p backdrops. So people can easily find it instead of searching forever.

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It is "p backpack". I didnt want to post a link to the torrent here.. I dont want to break any rules. Oh, really? My bad then. I just got the torrents from the Aeon website.

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Good to know there are more out there. Yeah the torrents on the Aeon site are all p. The torrent I was referring to is a pack of backdrops all resized to p by Hitcher on the xbmc forums. That torrent isnt available on the Aeon site. Last week after watching a video of a Compiz-fusion enabled Ubuntu system on Youtube I fell in love. I'd tinkered with linux a few years ago after installing Redhat but after deciding it was too much like hard work i put it to bed and went back to Windows.

Last week however this video prompted me to persevere and give it another bash. I'm glad to say after a few moments of insanity I've got Ubuntu Hardy 64bit installed and working a dream.

Before you continue...

My Radeon HD card is working properly with compiz-fusion enabled with all the visual treats on and my sound card is working perfectly with dolby digital and dts passing properly to my spdif port. In fact I'm so happy with Ubuntu that I'm almost ready to put my perfectly working Windows Vista install to bed. I said almost! I'm a High Definition movie freak and have found playback of my various films sketchy at best. Unfortunately I can't get the damned thing to work properly. I got it installed through Synaptic after adding the repos. I've got it working properly with Compiz and it loads up perfectly.

The main problem I'm having is when playing back standard definition divx avi files they play back at super-speed and I can't slow them down. I've managed to get it to recognise all my High Def container formats. What's going on??? Should I just wait till a better 64bit XBMC release comes out or should I just start form scratch and go 32bit all the way.

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Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated but I'm a newbie so be gentle. It has been around for years there are just lots of issues. I am using xbmc on 32 bit so thats what I would recomend. I would recomend going with 32 bit for now since you are new. Get your feet wet with that then when 8. Just get confortable with 32 bit first. You wil have less issues.

With that said I have never used the 64 bit version.